Great Winners school complex emerged winners of this year’s menstrual hygiene day quiz competition organized by Face of Tourism Volta in collaboration with Fay Ghana Ltd, producers of Faytex Sanitary towels. Five Basic schools in the Hohoe municipality namely, Great Winners school complex, MEPS, A.M.E Zion, St. Teresa’s girls Demonstration and New Town Basic schools took part in the keenly contested menstrual hygiene Quiz.

28th May every year is set aside to break the silence and sensitize the public on menstrual hygiene. Face of Tourism Volta who doubles as the brand ambassador for Faytex Sanitary towels in the Volta region, Miss Gloria Afetor working through her parent organization Discover Volta with support from Fay Ghana Ltd, organized a weeklong activity aimed at encouraging girls in our basic schools to speak freely about menstruation.

At the core of her education was the dangers of using unsafe sanitary materials. Miss Gloria Afetor spent quality time with pupils in their schools educating them to beware of the proliferation of many fake, cheap and dangerous sanitary pads imported into the country by unscrupulous people whose only motivation is profit.

Miss Gloria Afetor is very passionate about the proliferation of dangerous sanitary pads on the Ghanaian market and the risks they pose to the ordinary, unsuspecting Ghanaian who is poor and thus looks for the cheapest goods on the market oblivious of any risks to her health.

Addressing the gathering on international menstrual hygiene day, Miss Gloria Afetor exalted participants to be mindful of the pads they buy, she encouraged them to use FAYTEX because it is approved by the Ghana Standards Authority, Foods and Drugs Authority as well as the Ghana Health Service. She also called on duty bearers to enforce the laws to remove all unsafe and unapproved pads from the market. The Faytex brand ambassador is of the view that it is time the standards board and other allied state institutions put out a list of all approved pads to enable concerned citizens help them rid the market of all fake products.  

The well patronized occasion was graced by the Hohoe municipal director of Health, the Municipal director of education, and a galaxy of beauty queens among many others.

Delivering the keynote address on the theme Dignity in Menstruation, the Hohoe municipal director of health Dr. Felix Doe thanked Miss Gloria Afetor and her organization for such a bold initiative and promised the unconditional support of his office to any effort aimed at improving upon the health care of the people. Dr. Doe says menstruation is an inevitable stage in the life of every woman, it is therefore imperative girls are informed about the choices they have, the do’s and dont’s, as well as where they can go for assistance in times of difficulty.

Participants in the quiz competition felt very satisfied with the level of the organization of the program and expressed their willingness to come again if called upon. They are encouraging face of tourism volta to find time to engage them more as there is so much to learn.

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