Gloria Afetor, brand ambassador for Faytex in the Volta region, is touching many lives and spreading the gospel according to FAYTEX along the length and breadth of the Volta region. Gloria says she won’t stop until she covers every nook and cranny of the region. “With what I have learnt and the knowledge I have acquired over the years about unsafe pads I must make sure everybody hears the message loud and clear”.

In order to make a greater impact, brand ambassador for Faytex in the Volta Region, Gloria Afetor, is liaising with other organizations with like minds to get the message across. 

At Worawora senior high School, in the Biakoye district, Gloria teamed up with Feminine Star Africa – an NGO working to empower women and girls – in all there were six speakers who effectively empowered the students Gloria once again stood tall among her peers as she drove home the dangers one faces with the use of the numerous unsafe pads on the market. 

“Question after question directed at me only goes to confirm the immense interest the discussion is generating everywhere I go”, she said.

Faytex believes that men have a major role to play when it comes the choices women in their lives make particularly with regards to sanitary towels. Faytex has thus agreed with President Akuffo Addo when he admonished men to be active members of the “hesforshe” campaign. Faytex through its indefatigable brand ambassador have made it mandatory to include boys and men in all their educational campaigns.

As the FAYTEX message is taking roots more and more schools and communities keep calling the brand ambassador to come over and to spread the message.

On the 24th of March 2018, once again we empowered young girls at Bakpa Adidome in the North Tongu district. The trip was revealing as we cruised in a canoe across the Volta Lake to new Bakpa I realized how challenging life has been for some people. I was particularly taken aback to learn that girls as young as 12 are already sexually active they engage in sex to raise money to take care of themselves and buy such basic things as sanitary pads. No wonder teenage pregnancy is very high in the island community. 

Thanks to NGOs like (OCF) Organization of Child Fellowship who collaborate with FAYTEX sanitary towels, many of the girls are given hope.

To whom much is given, much more is expected, so as the name of Faytex spreads, and Gloria’s impact felt more and more, the demand for her to be part of many community programmes to give sponsorship keeps growing by the day.

Though we had requests to sponsor many programs this Easter, we settled for MAMA DAYI which is a district wide beauty pageant comprising all 9 traditional areas that make up the North Dayi district.

Faytex is proud to be associated with such a major pageant and to lead the charge in making safe and healthy sanitary pads available to all girls and women.

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