During our recent travels to a symposium on the advances and research into a better quality of feminine healthcare, many great strides were made regarding how Fay International Ltd manufactures their organic sanitary pads, Faytex. Aside from technological progress, is also the addressing of the environmental impact which unsafe sanitary pads (plastic/nylon based) cause once discarded.

In societal communities, whether urban or rural, taboos are being broken and community leaders and peer educators are furnished with, at times, life saving information which all too often, despite their simplicity and obvious nature, seem rare to come by. This leads us to highlight the efforts of one of our brand ambassadors and highlight a recent program that was conducted in the Volta region of Ghana.

Changing the mindset and promoting a united nation for positive womens healthcare

Miss Gloria Afetor – Face Of Tourism Volta and Brand Ambassador for Faytex Sanitary Pad in the Volta region – was part of the latest edition of the Upward Bound Seminar held in Okadjakrom Senior High Technical School in the Jasikan District of the Volta region. The seminar which was powered by Feminine Star Africa, an NGO, saw 5 young speakers on various topics. 

Once again Gloria Afetor showed great dexterity and her deep understanding of the issues as she spoke on MENSTRUAL HYGIENE AND THE HEALTH HAZARDS OF USING UNSAFE SANITARY PADS reminding her audience to take pride in using made in Ghana products of international quality and standards like FAYTEX  SANITARY TOWELS.

Speaking to over 650 students, she once again drove home the #HeForShe campaign. She believes dealing with menstrual health issues will be much easier if men are better informed and are privy to menstrual related information.

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