For many, winning a beauty pageant and securing the crown is an end in itself but for Miss Gloria Afetor, being FACE OF TOURISM VOLTA is a call to duty, a responsibility like no other, a defining moment for her to impact her generation and make a difference.

From the very first day she won the crown as FACE OF TOURISM VOLTA she has left no stone unturned to ensure the Volta region is sold to the world. 

Her relentless efforts at reaching out to managers of tourist sites, communities where these gifts of nature are located and all other actors in the tourism industry has brought her into contact with many people of like minds. Soon she become the brand ambassador of FAYTEX sanitary pad in the Volta region.

Like everything she does, the recognition as brand ambassador is yet another call to duty. She embraced the title with great alacrity and put all her senses and energy to work to ensure the message of safe sanitary pads is not lost on anyone.

Gloria Afetor, FACE OF TOURISM VOLTA and brand ambassador for FAYTEX sanitary pads has taken her message to senior high schools. She identifies senior high school (SHS) students as major agents of change. Her belief is that “catch them young and they shall be yours forever”. Once students buy into the message and affect the necessary change in behavior, a generation is safe. What is even more insightful is her resolve to get the male students to share in the message because the girls need a buy in from their guys to boost their morale and give them confidence. The FAYTEX adopted slogan “Be a #HeForShe”, set out by the sitting president of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Akuffo-Addo, is making waves and rapidly catching up with the guys who will in future become husbands and fiancés. Ms. Gloria was joined by Ms. Peace Aryeeson, a health worker and the winner of Miss Agadevi 2017. She valiantly worked alongside Ms. Gloria Afetor on the tour which included visits to Vasec and Havetech on the campaign against unsafe sanitary pads.

So far our Faytex brand ambassador in the Volta, Ms. Gloria Afetor, has reached over two thousand (2000) students in 4 schools in one month.

Likpe Senior High School “LISEC” was a hit ab-initio, the students, as the maiden program and the trail blazer, Gloria Afetor struck a raw nerve. The students were touched, yes! One could visibly see terror all over them as the reality of their ignorance dawned on them. The danger they expose themselves to daily by using unsafe pads during menstruation. 

This was evident in the kinds of questions asked during question time. The enthusiasm shown by the boys and the nature of questions they asked only meant one thing; they got the message to be the HEs for SHEs.

Vakpo Senior high school was no different. Vakpo Technical Institute, her next stop was marvelous. The atmosphere at HAVETECH during her delivery was electrifying. The students pay rapt attention and gave her a standing ovation when she drew the curtains.

FACE OF TOURISM VOLTA is making waves! She has already received calls from community leaders to take the campaign to their communities ASAP. The educational tours will continue until she reaches every student in the senior high school and almost every community with the message.

Interestingly, some radio stations and TV station have called her for interviews. 

For our workaholic queen, this is just the beginning, she will not rest until FAYTEX becomes a household name in the Volta region.

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