Our Legacy

Fay International Ltd was created by Sara Galloway to provide all girls and women with access to healthy maternity and sanitary pads.
Female empowerment was Sara’s driving force and she dedicated her life to this cause.

Sara’s inspiration

Sara Galloway’s grandmother is known and remembered as one of Ghana’s most honoured midwives of her time and is the inspiration behind Sara’s passion for women’s health.

Her grandmother, Sarah Thompson, began her work as a midwife in 1928 in Ghana (formerly Gold Coast). Sarah Thompson was on a mission to teach young girls about menstrual health and maternity care. She wanted women to be fully knowledgeable about feminine care. 

Miss Sarah Thompson lived and worked in Kumasi then later in Accra during the colonial Gold Coast while raising her children and grandchildren. It is through her spirit that Fay International Ltd, a company with a conscience was later founded.

Sara’s vision for
Fay International Limited

Ghanaian born and raised Sara Galloway, granddaughter of Sarah Thompson, returned to Ghana from the UK in 1994 with a purpose for her country. Her ambition was to aide to the advancement of Ghana and its women. The visionary that she was, she purchased the Accra-based Sapad Manufacturing Co, Ghana’s only maker of sanitary napkins. Sara Galloway revamped the company and renamed it Fay International Limited.

At the launch of the newly revamped company she started a nationwide campaign teaching Ghana’s girls and women the importance of patronising healthy feminine hygiene products and to create an awareness of sexual reproductive health, STD’s, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and menstrual health management thus empowering women and girls alike.

By the latter part of the nineties, Faytex had become a household name in Ghana. In the first decade of the 21st century tragedy struck. A fire broke out that completely destroyed the factory, thereby resulting in heavy losses of territory within Ghana paving the way for the entry of unsafe sanitary products to flood the market. The family company stood its ground and stuck by its mission but unfortunately lost its founder before full recovery. Sara Galloway transcended in 2015. Her children and beloved husband continue her legacy in Ghana with the same passion and dedication to advance Ghana and its women.

The company was founded by a woman and still today the majority of employees at Fay International Ltd. remain women.


Global recognition for Sara’s work