Our Principles

A Company With A Conscience

Ecological Conservation

In a continuously changing world, the concern for nature and the environment are placed under the microscope every day. To help fight the decline of nature’s ability to heal itself, we are committed to sustainable forest management.

Health Organics

With our Faytex and Eve brands, we offer safe and healthy products. While most feminine hygiene alternatives are bleached with chlorine, we utilise materials that have undergone purification through Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) technologies.

Doing so, we ensure that our products maintain an organic nature and are perfectly suited for the tropical climate. Despite worldwide economic volatility on global markets, we aim to keep our prices as affordable as possible.

Raw Materials

As a business with a conscience, we remain uncompromising in maintaining a high standard of our products. We continually source the highest quality raw materials.

As we continue to work on optimising the quality of our end products, we explore various processes, such as bioenergetic processing, to ensure that our hygiene prod

Equal Opportunities

As a feminine oriented product, our workforce comprises of a 75% female workforce in all reaches of our establishment.
We offer all members of society an income based initiative to empower them with small business opportunities.
Our vision stands 3 points:


As humans, we have a moral duty in tackling the social, economical and environmental challenges that face our communities.

Social responsibility is at the heart of our company. We feel that no girl should be at an educational disadvantage due to a lack of access to sanitary pads. A percentage of our proceeds are allocated to a fund that provides much needed feminine hygiene products to vulnerable communities and disadvantaged girls and women. Having a conscience while being a business is the backbone to our longevity.

We are committed to the UN Global Compact’s Ten principles. We protect and respect international human rights. We have only one planet and we strive to take care of our environment. We refrain from using chemicals, fragrances or dangerous plastic in our products; thereby reducing environmental pollution.

In addition, we include the education of proper disposal of sanitary products in our menstrual hygiene management seminars.

We are fully approved by the FDA, GSA and EPA.
We work against corruption in all forms; including extortion and bribery.

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