In order to accomplish our mission, the marketing manager of Fay International Ltd., Mary Achieng Ojuka, travelled to all the regions of Ghana during the month of May to promote beneficial practices for women’s healthcare in corporation with the National Association of Registered Midwives Ghana (NARM). Explaining the difference between safe, healthy and unsafe pads was on top of the agenda. Mrs. Achieng Ojuka demonstrated the efficiency and beneficial aspects of using the highest quality raw materials to produce a market leading product. She also explained the hazardous effects of using products which contained nylon, plastic and scented elements. With the continued help of midwives, nurses and the Ministry of Health Ghana we can ensure that we give our women only the best. Because Faytex cares for you. 

The marketing manager, Mary Achieng Ojuka touched on the numerous bad products on the market and the need for women to keep vigil. “Don’t go for the wrong stuff, insist on Faytex because it cares” she stated.
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